Saltburn Woodland Centre Blog

Saltburn Friends of the Valley will be SFOTV as our name is much too long to keep typing it. I'm writing this as the charity is starting a new era. We have a new 25 year lease with the local council and the work to make the Centre fully accessible will be completed by the end of January 2019. I've never written a blog before partly because I didn't understand what it was until I realised it was a time a diary.

So where to start? I joined STOTV when I retired from work in 2012.  I quickly discovered that I had walked into a small group of volunteers who were attempting to manage a lease on the Woodland Centre with another group, Valley Adventures. The story was that when the council reorganised it's countryside department, Saltburn had to go staff and the Centre. This was then been put out to tender. Members of the SFOTV group  lobbied the council to keep the centre for public benefit and offered to run it. In their wisdom (I'll probably say this again as I go on) the council insisted that a new organisation was needed, a Community Interest Company, which would consist of two members of SVOTV and two of a new company, Valley Adventures Ltd. This new organisation would hold a 6 year lease on the Centre and attached depot and gardens.