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Thought I better post about this as not sure you are all aware but we have been sucessful in a bid to the co-op community fund!  Yipee!  


Our secretary Ingrid tirelessly works on applying for grants and funding to help us maintain, involve and improve the area for you our visitors.  As you all know we are funded by your generous donations and any grants that we are sucessful in obtaining.


We have been completely blown away and are very humbled by the support that you guys have shown us in the past, especially with the recent vandalism.  Which I know you will all glad to know we are on with the repairs, and now having a flushing toilet.  No fixed door yet :), but you can still spend a penny in private, PHEW!


Oh back to the point of this post oops.


As mentioned before we have been sucessful in our bid to Co-op community fund.  The cause called 'Woodlands Gateways'.  The reason for the bid is there are four gates decorated with flora and fauna in situ either end of a pathway that provides access to the Woodland Centre, the garden and the woodlands. These 4 metres high gates were built by a local artist in the 1990s and used to signify the joining up of the Tees valley wide Cleveland Forest. Opened by David Bellamy these magnificent gates have now lost their function with the demise of the Cleveland forest plan, and we want to bring them back into public awareness with this project. The artist will involve local families in workshops re the return of the gates, and this will help Saltburn Friends of the Valley to develop its role in the community. 


We hope that by the end of the project that the gates will once again stand proud, and open and close obviously and be a delight for everyone to see.  Please please consider supporting our cause.


Many Thanks and much love as always


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